Semi-Naked Wedding Cake

Semi-Naked Wedding Cake

Emma and Ian asked me to make their wedding cake having seen and, more importantly, tasted the cake I made for their friends Kelly and Sean. We decided on a simple, natural style. Opting for a three tier semi-naked cake decorated with fresh flowers and a wooden topper. The cake perfectly suited the wedding decor and the beautiful venue, Bury Court Barn on the outskirts of Farnham, Surrey. Each tier was a different flavour. The bottom tier was red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, the middle was white chocolate and raspberry with white chocolate ganache and raspberry jam between each layer, and the top tier was coconut and lime. A thin coating of vanilla buttercream on the outside of the cakes gave the rustic look and kept them fresh.

I was very pleased to receive great feedback for the cake from Emma and Ian. They sent me a message after the wedding saying, ‘The cake was amazing! Every flavour was delicious. Thankfully, we asked the venue to put a little bit of each flavour aside for us so we had some the day after as well, otherwise the whole thing would have gone that evening. You are a very talented chef.’ 


Semi-naked wedding cake

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